Current Staff Members:

Kevin & Cooper

Kevin Wenzel –  Public Relations & Gaming Staff

Kevin has been playing different games for the last 25 years of his life. He has received a B.A. in Anthropology at Sonoma State and has attended IU for a Masters in Education.  He looks forward to carrying on the tradition of in providing open-minded and fair reviews. He spends his time equally between cooking, gaming, and gardening and is an Educator.

Favorite Games: Magic the Gathering, Dune, Illuminati & Tomb


Marco Arnaudo  –  Gaming Staff

Originally from a small town in Northern Italy, Marco lived in Pisa, London and Boston, before moving to Bloomington, Indiana, in 2006. He is an Associate Professor for the Department of French and Italian at Indiana University. His research interests include obscure 17th-century Italian literature, American and British detective fiction, and superhero comics. He is the author of 4 published books and over 20 articles on these topics. He is one of the founders and the faculty advisor of the Strategy Gaming Club at Indiana University. He always has a wargame set up on his desk at home, for solitaire play late at night.

Favorite Games:Wargames about the American Civil War and the North African Campaign


Lance Myxter –  Gaming Staff

A nearly full blooded Scandinavian, Lance was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota. One cold winter night. while trapped indoors due to a blizzard. his older brother introduced him to Dungeons and Dragons, and his passionate love affair with all things gaming began. After playing mostly RPG’s for about 25 years, an impulsive purchase of the game “Arkham Horror” revealed to him the wondrous world of designer boardgames, which gave him a whole new gaming avenue to explore. Lance currently lives in Moorhead, Minnesota with his beautiful (and patient) wife Becca, his irresistibly cute daughter Rilyn, his amazing son Caleb, their lovable dogs Reggie and Beaker, and their constantly indifferent cat Lilly.

Favorite Games:Arkham Horror, A Game of Thrones, Dominant Species, and Pathfinder RPG


 Andrew Lloyd –  Gaming Staff

Andrew grew up in Rochester, NY where he graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Management Information Systems. His professional experience includes project management, systems analysis, and database development for Fortune 500 companies including Toyota and Precision Castparts Corp. When not gaming somewhere around his home in Atlanta, GA, Andrewmay be found reading or playing with his 3 dogs: Elphie, Link, and Leia.

Favorite Games:  Labyrinth: The War on Terror, Castles of Burgundy, Innovation, Glory to Rome

Enrico Viglino

Enrico Viglino  –  Gaming Staff

Recovering hobo, one-time actor and street corner philosopher. One thing has been nearly constant in my life – gaming. Even before
discovering wargames, I would play out family games solitaire. But, life situations interfered not too long ago, and I was largely without board gaming for the better part of a decade. The last couple of years
have seen me devoting myself to the hobby again – and learning a lot of the newer designs – so, I’m looking from the eyes of an old grognard but with an open mind and willingness to see if newer games

Favorite Games: Big rich simulations


Michael Von Kirchmeyer –  Gaming Staff

I have lived in Alaska “The Frozen North” since 1980 and will be here until I retire. I started in the gaming hobby with RPG’s in the mid 80’s with Advanced Dungeon and Dragons. Those early days fueled my love for games and my early collection of RPG’s that included obscure games like Aftermath, Lords of Creation, and The World of Synnibarr (some games were better than others…). My first introduction to board games came from a small little company called Games Workshop and an obscure game called Blood Bowl! From the first tournament game I was forever hooked with the hobby.

Favorite Games:Blood Bowl, Rifts (RPG), Race For The Galaxy, Mage Knight, and Legend of the Five Rings


Charles Theel –  Gaming Staff

Charlie was born and raised in St. Louis, MO where he has spent the last 20 years playing role-playing, board, and card games. Professionally he’s a Software Developer and writes some code in between day-dreaming about gaming. Cutting his gaming teeth on Axis and Allies, Charlie prefers the more thematic end of the gaming spectrum..

Favorite Games:Earth Reborn, Netrunner, Eclipse


Scott Morris –  Gaming Staff

Scott Morris just flat out loves gaming and the experience games provide! Running, Scott (A.K.A. “Tox” on the interwebz) focuses his Critical Reviews and Critical Plays on a balanced approach, highlighting both big name publishers as well as independent designers and developers. Scott believes there is a convergence of creativity, art, and availability all coming together currently, to make Table Top Gaming one of the most popular hobbies in the world today. He strives to provide both entertaining and enlightening information on these games for you, the fans! Scott’s likes are sushi, long walks on the beach, rollings 20’s, and “Top Decking”.

Favorite Games:Pandemic, Ascension, Seasons, Android: Netrunner, Magic: The Gathering, Hero Quest, and of course, my long lost baby, WoW Minis

Matthew Dawkins

Matthew Dawkins –  Gaming Staff

Matthew Dawkins is The Gentleman Gamer and host of The Gentleman’s Guide to Gaming, a show on YouTube primarily based around RPG reviews, discussions and rants. Matthew is a British native and resident (to answer a recurring question – that is his real accent) and an avid gamer, with experience of running and playing a diverse multitude of RPGs. When he’s not gaming he’s embroiled in his career in investments, never raising his voice when asking people kindly to buy and sell. Matthew has been studying towards both his financial career and toward a degree in Health & Social Care through the Open University, although both take a back seat to his personal life when he can allow it.

Favorite Games:RPGs~ Wraith: The Oblivion, Vampire: The Masquerade, Dungeons & Dragons (Planescape, specifically), Anima and Hunter: The Vigil. Board games would be Diplomacy, Aliens The Board Game and The Thing (the card game) if it counts.


Bob Probst – Webmaster & Gaming Staff

Bob arrived on Earth in the usual fashion. Since then he has developed several natural talents including scratching dogs behind their ears, tying knots so complex that even he can’t untie them, and an uncanny ability to find his keys. When not playing games, he spends his time entertaining small children, eating pork products, and shuffling around huge amounts of data for a regional bank.

Favorite Games: Power Grid, Imperial, 18xx, Formula D, Conflict of Heroes


George  Birthisel –  Gaming Staff

After growing up in Wisconsin and Maine George studied computers and math at Grand View University in Des Moines, IA, and later received a master’s in math from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. George now spends his time as a stay-at-home dad and, in between chasing two young boys around, works as a part-time math teacher in Bloomington, IN.

Favorite Games: George enjoys a wide range of games, from Tichu to Twilight Imperium.


Eric Lai  –  Gaming Staff

Having lived in Melbourne, Australia, after graduation from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in the 90s, Eric returned to his place of birth in Hong Kong. He is the proud owner of two veterinary practices in Hong Kong. Eric and his wife also run a successful chain of frozen yogurt shops call “Crumbs”  in Hong Kong. One of his all time favorite past times is playing boardgames, he was first introduced to board wargaming when he first played a game of Diplomacy in high school, since then he has collected and played over a thousand board games; and has war-gamed for the past twenty years.

Favorite Games:World in Flames, Pursuit of Glory, Arkham Horror, Ambush, Tokyo Express & The Civil War.


Landon Edwards – Photographer

My name is Landon Edwards. I am from a small town called Greeley, Colorado although I currently take up residence in Seattle. I have always done photography, although I have only been seriously focused on it for around the last 18 months, but since then my click count has skyrocketed. If you need to hire a photographer, my schedule is flexible. Although I will work as a volunteer until I am confident in my work. Thanks

Favorite Games:

Former Staff Members:

Nick and Ashly

Nicholas Cassidy – Executive Producer & Webmaster

As the architect of 2D6, Nick is often responsible for shooting, editing, and marketing the videos found on Currently living in Bloomington Indiana, Nick holds a BS in Computer Informatics and is preparing to finish his MS in Telecommunications. When not playing board games, Nick works as a web developer at a local news paper and occasionally does freelance production work. Nick is currently seeking employment as a web developer and / or multimedia producer.

Favorite Games: Dominion, Talisman (nostalgia)


Ashly Simmons – Producer

Originally from Muncie Indiana, Ashly moved to Bloomington to attend Indiana University during the Fall of 2002. While there, she obtained both a Bachelor’s in Computer Informatics and a Master’s in Telecommunications. Professionally, Ashly’s primary interests are multimedia design and web development. When not board gaming, she enjoys back packing with Nick and obsessively collecting Hello Kitty paraphernalia.

Favorite Games: Tigris and Euphrates, Dominion


Austin Lord – Producer

Austin earned his B.A. from Indiana University in 2007, and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Telecommunications. His focus is in motion graphics and animation – and making “shit” look cool. He works primarily with 2D and 3D digital animation, but also dabbles in programming and dynamic visualizations. Outside of board gaming and work, Austin enjoys photography.

Favorite Games: Pandemic, Dominion


Emily Ross – Gaming Staff

Originally from New Albany Indiana, Emily moved to Bloomington to finish her BA in Psychology at Indiana University. She is currently a social worker, working with families to prevent child abuse and neglect in Monroe County Indiana. Outside of playing board games, Emily’s interests include hiking, camping, and horseback riding.

Favorite Games: Settlers of Catan, Munchkin


Matthew Falk – Gaming Staff

Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Matt is a PhD student at Indiana University’s School of Telecommunications. His research interests include group behavior in immersive mediated environments and media psychology. More specifically, he’s focused on psychophysiological research of audio processing. When not board gaming, Matt enjoys playing video games, and is primarily an MMO gamer.

Favorite Games: Conflict of Heroes series, Game of Thrones LFG


Travis Ross – Gaming Staff

Travis originates from Louisville Kentucky and is a PhD student at Indiana University’s School of Telecommunications. His professional interests include the role of media in cultural transmission and evolutionary dynamics. Specifically, he’s focused on topics such as modeling player behavior in games and the development of games as tools for social science experimentation. When not board gaming, Travis enjoys playing soccer and video games.

Favorite Games: Race for the Galaxy, Game of Thrones LFG


Joel Eddy – Gaming Staff

In early 2011 Joel Eddy embarked on an endeavor to review a variety of games that have flown under the radar of the mainstream. The reviews are also intended to give the viewer a better sense of the game’s theme and try to touch on the relationship that the game and its mechanisms have to the subject matter as well as the social environment established by the game. In 1999, Joel was smacked over the head by a little known Euro game, Löwenherz. The rest as they say is, “not very thematic history”. Joel currently works as a software engineer in Northern Idaho where he lives with his wife and two sons.

Favorite Games:Power Grid, Caylus, Löwenherz, Tigris & Euphrates, Airlines Europe, Die Burgen von Burgund, Hansa Teutonica, Stone Age