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Video Blog Episode #3 – Behind the Scenes


00:00 Intro and recap of games played and not played
03:56 Behind the scenes of my videos – Game room of my FLGS; 05:02 My office on the IU campus; 06:53 One of the most important places; 07:36 Rooms used for social gaming and occasional filming; 10:59 The secret HQ
13:40 Conclusions; anticipating GenCon; time to vote!

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Marco’s Video Blog Episode #2 – Solitaire Wargaming

Marco's-Blog-Illustration0:00 Intro, recap about games played, with some one-sentence microreviews thrown in;
05:43 Behold the map of the monster game!
08:09 The truth about counter magnets, finally revealed!
13:08 MAIN COURSE: Multiplayer wargaming in solitaire mode: motivations, games that work in that mode, general ideas, suggestion, tricks, and tweaks
32:09 Conclusions; what to expect next.

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