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[6 Jan 2014 | No Comment | ]
Belfort by Tasty Minstrel Games (LLU Review)

Belfort is a worker placement game from Tasty Minstrel Games where players are competing with one another to build the city of Belfort. The city is divided into five different districts and each district already has a set layout on what needs to be built.

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[16 Jul 2013 | No Comment | ]
Critical Strikes – Dino Hunt Dice, Boomtown Tycoon, Cthulhu Gloom

It’s time once again for a Critical Strike, which means a small set of 3 micro-reviews, of table top games. In this episode, we are taking a look at Dino Hunt Dice (from Steve Jackson Games),Boomtown Tycoon (from Ian Brodie and The Game Crafter) andCthulhu Gloom (from Atlas Games)!
Dino Hunt Dice is a “press your luck” style dice game, very similar to Zombie Dice, where your goal is to capture dinosaurs for your zoo before being “stomped”.  Meanwhile Bomtown Tycoon and Cthulhu Gloom are card based, albeit it completely different from each other.  In Boomtown Tycoon, you’ll …

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[11 Jul 2013 | No Comment | ]
Catan: Explorers and Pirates (LLU Review)

It is time to take to the open seas in search of exotic spices and bountiful fishing schools, but beware land lovers pirates lurk in these waters! Catan: Explorers and Pirates is an expansion pack for Settlers of Catan and offers three new unique game mechanics designed to break up the old Catan experience and bring users a fresh perspective on the game. Victory points are gained by successfully gathering Spice, Fishing, and invading Pirate Lairs (YARR!).

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[8 Jul 2013 | No Comment | ]
Critical Review – Quarriors! Quartifacts


Quartifacts is the latest expansion for Quarriors from Wizkids and brings a new mechanic, called Questing to the gameplay. The story goes that powerful Quartifacts like the Holy Quail, are lost and you and your brave quarries, which you’ll be capturing from the wilds, are questing for them. Will you achieve your goal and gain glory or will you be thwarted by a challenger to your brave questing party? More importantly, is this a good addition or a bad addition to a game that is already a highly dividing game.

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[7 May 2013 | No Comment | ]
Starlit Citadel Reviews Fleet Admiral

Fleet Admiral is a card game where each player takes on the roll of the captain of a star ship. Set in the theme of Portable Galactic Empire, each player’s captain is represented by one of the races from the Fate, Politics and Heritage expansion set.

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[18 Mar 2013 | No Comment | ]
Critical Review – Legends of Andor

It’s rare that a game is both challenging in style and also in its ability to be reviewed, but Fantasy Flight Games and Michael Menzel have thrown down that gauntlet with the recent release of Legends of Andor.

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[11 Mar 2013 | No Comment | ]
Critical Review – Fantastiqa

As any good gamer knows, there’s a point where one type of game can get saturated on the market. Currently, everyone and their brother (and their brothers!) has a deck building game. Dominion launched a craze, and everyone is getting in on the fun. While most are fun, quantity doesn’t always equate to quality.

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[19 Feb 2013 | No Comment | ]
Critical Review – Zombicide

“It’s like a B-Movie!” – Tim Norris, Grey Elephant Gaming
That was one of the funniest, and yet appropriate ways, I’ve heard Zombicide described to me going into this Critical Review.  I unfortunately was under a gigantic boulder of a rock last year and didn’t pledge into the Zombicide Kickstarter from Cool Mini or Not andGuillotine Games.  However, have no fear, as our Friendly Local Game Store, Dragon’s Lair in Austin, has provided us a copy of the base game to provide a review for you, the Critical Fans!
Zombicide is everything you …

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[13 Feb 2013 | No Comment | ]
Critical Unboxing – Fantastiqa

We recently got a copy of this unique adventure game billed as the “Deck Building Board Game of Adventure”! How can you not like that?  Check out the awesome storage and colorful pieces, bits, bobs, and trinkets inside the land of Fantastiqa from Gryphon Games!

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[11 Feb 2013 | No Comment | ]
Critical Review – City of Gears

Last year, City of Gears won the “Steampunk Challenge” for best Steampunk themed game so when I had the opportunity to get a copy for review, I was very curious, being a lover of cogs, gears, clockwork anything, and of course, steam powered contraptions.