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Iron & Ale Game Session


Rick and the crew with Let’s Level Up play Iron & Ale in this episode of Game Night.  Iron & Ale is a thematic drinking game where plays goes through two primary phases.  In the mountain phase we will mine in the mountain attempting to get resources.  There are monsters that are littered within the halls of the mine and if we encounter one we must fight.  After the mountain phase is over we will go to the Meadhall where each lord draws a challenge card and attempts to prove that they are the best dwarf!

This video contains explicit language, drinking, and large men sweating… viewer discretion is advised.

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1750: Britain vs France Kickstarter Video Preview


We recently go the opportunity to check out Battle Hardened Games premier game 1750.  This is the first game by Jason Huffman and takes a theoretical conflict between the empires of England and France and allows players to fight it out over four theaters of war.  What we really think is great about this game is the fact that it plays in about 30 minutes.  It offers a deep strategic element too, which even in the prototype stage has us wanting to replay it.

If you are interested in the game feel free to check out the Kickstarter project which can be found (here).

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Machi Koro Review


Welcome to the city of Machi Koro, the Japanese card game that is sweeping the world.

You’ve just been elected Mayor. Congrats! Unfortunately the citizens have some pretty big demands: jobs, a theme park, a couple of cheese factories and maybe even a radio tower. A tough proposition since the city currently consists of a wheat field, a bakery and a single die.

Armed only with your trusty die and a dream, you must grow Machi Koro into the largest city in the region. You will need to collect income from developments, build public works, and steal from your neighbors coffers. Just make sure they aren’t doing the same to you!

Machi Koro is a fast-paced light-hearted game for you and up to 3 friends. Once you’ve had a taste of Machi Koro, this infectiously fun game may have you wondering if the dinner table ever served another purpose.
They say you can’t build Rome in a day, but Machi Koro will be built in under 30 minutes!

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Starlit Citadel Reviews Trains


In the 19th century, shortly after the industrial revolution, railways quickly spread over the world. Japan, importing Western culture and eager to become one of the Grand Nations, saw the birth of many private railway companies and entered the Golden Age of railways. Eventually, as a result of the actions of powerful people and capitalists, many of these smaller companies gradually merged into larger ones.

In Trains, the players are such capitalists, managing private railways companies and striving to become bigger and better than the competition. The game takes place during the 19th and 20th century in the 2012 OKAZU Brand edition, whereas the 2013 AEG edition is set in modern times, with bullet trains, freight trains and more. Use your facilities, trains and personnel to surpass your adversaries, and become the King of Railways.

The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins. To gain victory points, the player must build up a personal deck of cards such as facilities, trains and personnel. These cards are then used to build railways around Tokyo and Osaka, enlarge the cities, and build buildings. The trick is to purchase the cards you want to use, then use them as effectively as possible.


Manage Modern Railways!

The railways of today are amazing things and bullet trains, freight trains and more keep entire countries running. From transporting the populace to carrying essential materials, trains play an integral part in a nation’s power and economic development.

You will start with a small set of cards, but by building a more effective deck throughout the game, you will be able to place stations and lay rails over the maps of Osaka or Tokyo. Gain enough points from your railways and you will ultimately manage the most powerful railroads in modern Japan!

This English edition of Trains, designed by Hisashi Hayashi, features updated graphics, artwork, and streamlined card abilities. With extensive replay value, Trains is one game you won’t want to leave the station without!

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Noble Treachery by Great Northern Games (Kickstarter Review)

Our Thoughts

Noble Treachery is a very strategic, yet casual, card and dice game designed by Jay Meyer.  The game takes place in the kingdom of Black Rose and at a very tumultuous time.  You see the King has recently found himself on the wrong end of death, and the problem is that the heir to the throne is less than clear.  That last part is actually good news for us, because we will fight, kill, poison, and deceive to obtain that throne.  Once we have the supporting of the five noble families of Noble Treachery we will win the game and take our place in history as King/Queen of Black Rose.


There is one catch however, all of the players at the table are constantly trying to accomplish the same goal and there is only so much favor a noble family can lend at the same time.  Each of the five families are represented by a series of tokens each with the families color on it.  Red, Black, Yellow, Blue,  and Green are the family colors and along with the tokens come matching dice as well.  Each turn the players will bet the favor they have earned with their alliances for a chance to become the rounds challenger.  The challenger holds the power at the moment for they get to choose if there will be war or diplomacy for the round, and if they play first or last in the round.

Interested In Supporting?  Check the Kickstarter

The Pieces

The main components of what I saw were merely an unfinished prototype, remember this is a kickstarter project after all.  What I did see of the artwork blew me away.  Really loved with Great Northern Games have put together with this.  Each card is really detailed and has a great way of describing the powers that really makes the game flow very naturally.  One thing I will say is that the variety of card types really puts a lot of emphasis on strategy in this game.

The game plays pretty simply:  If the round type is War your objective is to have the highest power value (combined total of color symbol in top left corner of the card and the matching colored die) at the end of the round.   If the round type is Diplomacy the objective is to have the lowest power value at the end of the round.  Winner of the round will take the spoils if able, or elect to do the round types alternative action (War – steal an alliance token / Diplomacy – force alliance tokens to move from player to player a certain direction).  The first player to have all five colors of tokens at the same time, wins the game.


Quick Facts

Year Published
# of Players
4 − 6
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