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A Duel Betwixt Us Review

Duel Betwixt

Beyond being good for a laugh, Duel is a serious strategic blend of resource management, tough investment trade-offs, and sneaky combat tricks.

The rules are simple, if devious. Begin with 5 miners. Each turn, assign one idle miner to either the copper, silver, or gold mines. One miner can dig out a single copper, whereas two are required to mine a silver and three for a gold. Spend resources on strategic events or nefarious tricks, or use them to craft (yes, craft!) weapons and armour. At the end of each turn, you may declare DUEL on your foe to attempt to win either the fair maiden’s favour or the adoration of more fans (who you will inevitably send to work in the mines).

While you may certainly spend your resources to swing the tide of battle by setting momentous events in motion or by investing in sneaky acts of villainy, the most important use is yet to come…

In A Duel Betwixt Us, weapons are not bought. They are FORGED. After spending a small sum to play a blueprint — a mere shell of a weapon — from your hand, you fill in the empty spots with the ingots you have mined. Each copper ingot adds 1 strength to a weapon, shield, or piece of armour, while silver adds 2 and gold adds a mighty 3.

Will you build a quick and dirty copper blade, prison shiv style, or will you wait to smith it from pure gold, as if carrying the murderous spike of royalty itself?

Games take 15-45 minutes and everything you need is included in the box. What fun!


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Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy Review

EC Legendary Legacy

In ancient times long gone by, when the veil between the world of the humans and the realm of magic was thinner, almighty wizards battled each other in epic duels to determine who was the master of sorcery and arcane wisdom. Armed with a Spellbook and with the aid of the enchanted Element-Stones, the sorcerers summoned fantastic Creatures and magical Spells. A wizard who had no more pages left in his Spellbook would eventually have lost the magical battle of wits.

The aim of the game is to reduce the cards in your opponent’s card-deck (or Spellbook) to zero by using the Spells and Creatures in your Spellbook. Players take turns that always follow the same structure. For each point of damage a Player receives through Creatures or Spells, he puts the top card of his or her deck on his Discard Pile (or Archive). If a player is unable to draw a card, he loses immediately.

Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy will be the first of hopefully many Expansion to Elemental Clash: The Master Set, featuring state-of-the-art illustrations done by professional artists (as opposed to the pre-Master Set versions of the game). This exciting new expansion will contain over 90 different Creatures, Spells and Element Stones as well as 10 brand-new, powerful Spellcaster cards and introduce Neutral cards (cards that belong to no particular Element) and a new sub-type of Spells: Equip-Spells as well as the Familiar Spirit Creature Subtype among other things. Furthermore, the set will feature lots of powerful “Unique” cards, Dragon Lords and might Kings and Queens, making it literally a “royal” expansion to Elemental Clash: The Master Set!

The expansion will not contain Basic Element Stones which are included in the base game and needed to build decks and play the game.


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Fleet: Arctic Bounty Review

Artic Bounty

Fleet: Arctic Bounty expands the award-winning card game Fleet with 120+ new cards including:

  • New Premium Licenses, Base Licenses, and Boat Cards with all-new bonuses
  • New Dock cards with more ways to build your Fleet
  • All new Crewman cards and Gone Fishin’
  • Brand new one-player and two-player variant cards and rules
  • An updated rulebook

Fleet: Arctic Bounty is designed to integrate with Fleet and give players the ability to choose which License and Boat cards to play with in any given game, creating endless possibilities of card and power combinations and replayability. Want to try a game without Processing Vessel and Shrimp? Then take them out and add Pacific Oyster and Swordfish! Players can choose any combination of old and new licenses from Fleet: Arctic Bountyand Fleet to create exciting new gameplay experiences.

Fleet: Arctic Bounty provides modularity, variety, and new strategic paths to victory!

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Old World New World (Video Review)

Old world

A direct conflict boardgame where players take turns placing terrain cards in a grid in an effort to move their units from one side of the map to the other while at the same time preventing their opponents from doing the same.

Weeks on board the ship have taken their toll on me; I haven’t been this light since I was a boy and I can barely stand up even now that we’re on solid land again. Despite that, the view from this beach is amazing; I never imagined anyplace could as wonderful or wild as this new world. Our journey inland begins tomorrow and all of my men are showing their nerves tonight; my hope is good rest will grant us the strength to make our claim and return home someday soon…

In Old World New World, from designer Aaron Smith, you take command of explorers trying to find their destiny in a recently discovered land. The map is revealed as you play against up to three opponents, with each of you trying to shape the land to best benefit your own side. With player controlled events such as Barbarians, Tornados, and Bribery, no plan goes unhindered and anyone could find themselves mapping their own destiny!

Perfect for both new and experienced gamers, Old World New World has a great mix of simple mechanics and a variety of options that will keep you on your toes no matter how many times you play it.

What’s In The Box?:

• One full color 8-page Rules booklet
• 72 cards (58 Terrain card, 14 Action cards)
• 26 laser-cut counters (24 Units, 2 Natives)
• 12 border pieces
• One bright red, 9 1/4″ x 5 7/8″ Standard cardboard VPG game box
• One beautiful box cover sleeve
• One “Wipes-A-Lot” napkin
• One charcoal desiccant packet

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Warring Kingdom by Harry Gao (Kickstarter Preview)

Our Thoughts

Warring Kingdom is a deck builder that brings something fresh to the genre – player interaction.  Now it is my opinion that deck building games can, not always but certainly can, just seem to be a multiplayer game of solitaire.  What I mean by that is I am playing a game with other people but only interacting with myself and a central supply.  Warring Kingdom turns that very notion on it’s head making the win condition not deal in victory points but in that fact you win if you can destroy another players Castle – the very heart of their kingdom.


Warring Kingdom skillfully balances kingdom management using the cards.  Higher more advanced cards require an upkeep cost to maintain, if you do not have the economy (coin bought from the supply combined with advanced civilians like Farmers and Money Lenders), you will not be able to maintain your armies for very long.  Combat is handled very interestingly.   A player can only have deployed two rows of five units – potentially.  Once you have at least one solider you can declare to attack on your attack phase – you roll six d6 and depending on on the results that is who attacks.  For example if I roll 1,1,1,2,5,5 the unit I had in position 1 would attack three times (if present), the unit I had in position 2 would attack once, and finally the unit I had in position 5 would attack twice.  The defender will also roll 6 dice to determine which of his defenders will deal damage in the defense.

 Interested in supporting?  Check the Kickstarter!

Quick Facts

Year Published
# of Players
2 − 4
Playing Time
45 minutes
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