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Duel of the Eagles (Video Review)

Duel of eagles

Duel of Eagles is a medium-complexity wargame on the Battle of Mars-la-Tour, in the Franco-Prussian War. This battle is notable for having one of the last successful cavalry assaults in modern warfare.

This is a chit-pull game. The chits are either Activation Chits, which activate all units within the indicated corps, or Event Chits, which each contain two possible events which the player can chose between. Each turn both players draw from the chit cup until all chits have been used or there are no remaining HQ’s on the map.

The game requires the players to maintain supply lines, both to rally units that are shaken or low on ammo and to achieve the victory conditions.

The victory conditions for the French player are to maintain the routes to Metz and Verdun. The Prussian player must try to prevent this from happening.

~ White Dog Games

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Into the Bastards! (Video Review)

Into the Bastards!

April 1918 – The German Michael offensive, launched in Picardy, is peaking. Reaching the gates of Amiens, the Kaiser’s troops threaten to definitively breakthrough the Allied Lines.
On 24 April, the Germans captured the last defensive bastion in front of Amiens, the village of Villers-Bretonneux, during a battle that featured the first engagement between tanks. But that same night, Australian soldiers entered the line and prepared to repulse the enemy in an intense night attack. Their objective was as simple and terrible as their war cry: “Into the Bastards!”

Into the Bastards! – First tank battle is a low complexity game recreating this battle, from the initial German offensive to the Australian counter-attack.
Each player has elite troops at his command, represented at battalion scale: the German Guard Division, the french Morroccan Division, an Australian Brigade, and, of course, British and German tanks.

~ May 2011 in Battles Magazine #6.

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Reds! (A Video Review)

Reds! is a two-player wargame covering these dramatic events from August 1918 to the start of 1921, when the last organized opposition to Red rule outside the far east was destroyed.

The single large-hex map stretches from Warsaw in the west to Omsk in the east and from Murmansk in the north to Tashkent in the south. Across this vast expanse, players maneuver a colorful array of combat units representing various White factions, Anarchists, Nationalists, Alied Intervention Forces, the two divisions of the Czech Legion, and six Polish armies.

Units range from armies to brigades. The Red Order of Battle is built around 16 Red Armies organized by Leon Trotsky. There are also two powerful Red cavalry armies and the elite Latvian Rifle division. The White Order of Battle includes everything from Cossack cavalry corps to Moslem partisans and a German Free Corps. Each side also has support units: naval and river flotillas, air units, and, of course, the famous armored trains. Key leaders are also included: Frunze, Denikin, Wrangel, and Trotsky and his famous Red Train.

To model the chaos of this many-sided multi-front war, the sequence of play is based upon random chit pull which determines the order of activation of each White faction or six Red Army Front commands. The key Logistics phase, in which disrupted units are rallied and unsupplied units attritted, is also randomly determined. The game also includes TWO random event tables: one for each side.
From sweeping cavalry advances to slogging matches over major cities (such as Tsaritsyn – the future Stalingrad – know as the Red Verdun), Reds! is a true player’s game. It is also a realistic depiction of some of the most titanic and unusual campaigns of modern history.


  • One 22 x 34″ Game Map
  • One Sheet of 240 Counters
  • Two Player Aid Cards
  • One Rule Book


TIME SCALE 1-2 months per turn
MAP SCALE 65 miles per hex
UNIT SCALE Brigades, Divisions, Corps, and Armies


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Almeida & Bussaco (A Video Review)

In April 1810, Napoléon entrusted to Masséna, the hero of Aspern and Wagram, the mission of driving Wellington out of Portugal. The northerly route was chosen for the invasion, passing through Ciudad Rodrigo and Almeida. The French offensive began at the end of June. On 24 July, Marshal Ney with the advance guard defeated General Craufurd under the walls of Almeida and threw him back across the Coâ River, as a prelude to laying siege to the place. The French then penetrated into Portugal. Their advance was slow and difficult. As for Wellington, he drew up his army in the formidable position of Bussaco. On 27 September, Masséna ordered a frontal attack upon the English line of defense. After a bitter struggle he gave up the attempt and broke off the attack. It would take until the next day to find a way to turn the position at Sierra de Bussaco. With these two battles the terrible duel between Masséna and Wellington had begun!

Almeida and Bussaco 1810 are the 30th and 31st battles of the Jours de Gloire series. The game includes a map (size A2), 216 die-cut counters, and a booklet containing rules, scenarios and historical notes.

Almeida and Bussaco 1810 will be the supporting game for the 14th Bicentennial Trophy in January 2011.

Game System:
Jours de Gloire Series (JDG)
– scale = 297m/hex;
– time = 75 min/GT;
– strength = 200 men/SP

~  Hexism

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Nuklear Winter 68 (A Video Review)

The former German territory, transformed into a wasteland by the nuclear holocaust that ended the Second World War in 1946, is the hostile setting of a new conflict between old enemies clenched in a struggle for the future of mankind.

Surviving Nazi leaders and Wehrmacht forces resurface in 1968 from underground shelters to rebuild an empire from the ashes of the world. Oblivious of the climatic, technological and political changes inflicted by more than 20 years of nuclear winter, they are about to face the mysterious Black Hand – elusive, abhorrent masters of the wastes, and the combined might of the modern, highly mechanized and versatile NATO alliance.

Units represent platoons of vehicles like T64 or King Tiger tanks, infantry, or helicopters. The platoons are grouped into formations and lead by a commander. The formations are activated by chit draw, and better-trained, better-led units can activate more than once in a turn, moving, shooting, and fighting in each activation. On the flip side of a coin, there is no guarantee that a formation will activate even once.

~ Lock N’ Load Publishing

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