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OTSBGR – Samurai Spirit


“You and your small Samurai crew are the only obstacles between a frightened village and a horde of bloodthirsty brigands!

The confrontation seems very uneven while you are standing in front of dozens of enemies ready to cut you to pieces, but that is without counting on your combat skills and the strong solidarity keeping your group united in adversity.

Above all, and when the cause will seem hopeless, your enemies will discover the beast inside you: a fearsome warrior ready to unleash his true strength!”

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How To Play

Sample Gameplay


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Space Hulk (4th edition) Review


From the depths of space an ancient vessel drifts slowly towards the Imperium of Mankind – a space hulk. Within its confines, untold thousands of Genestealers slowly emerge from hibernation. The Space Marines must enter the cramped corridors and tomb-like chambers of the ancient ship to defeat this alien menace.

Space Hulk is a board game for two players, recreating the battles fought between the Space Marines and Genestealers. One player commands the Space Marines as they carry out deadly missions in the ancient Space Hulk, and the other commands the horde of Genestealers opposing them. Space Hulk’s fast-paced rules simulate the tense atmosphere of a mission deep inside the cramped confines of a derelict space hulk, where split-second decisions are needed for victory.

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Secrets of the Lost Tomb Review


The Game:

Secrets of the Lost Tomb is a cooperative game of thrilling action-adventure and discovery. Players assume the roles of stalwart expedition members working together to investigate ancient mysteries, while surviving dangers and shielding humanity from the supernatural powers of The Tomb—an ancient vault filled with primeval powers perpetually struggling to be set free upon the world. Powers that mankind should never behold…

The Details:

Each of the game’s Scenario-Scripts has its own unique theme, flavor, and powerful boss monster bringing you into the rich and detailed world of The Tomb. Prepare to prevent the second coming of the Immortal Rhaz Azul, reject the Pharaoh with the Blue Eyes that’s not of this world… or battle against the Elder Forces of Hera’Thulhu sealing the magical portal preventing Cthulhu from enslaving mankind! Each script offers new challenges and rewards. There are many stories that await the players’ fateful choices leading them to thrilling adventures and cliffhangers!

Strategizing with allies against the challenging objective cards is vital to save the world from these untold adventures and misadventures that you will explore. During the Adventurer’s Phase, players take actions to progress through the Script, face Combat with monsters, complete Side-Quests and Personal Missions, revealing more details about the characters, all the while overcoming the hair-raising Trap Rooms and sensational Story Cards.

As you explore new rooms your world will fill with untold delights, with each step a new world and new civilization of fame or of infamy is revealed… From the Crypts of the Mayan Empire, to the Pyramids of Egypt, through the Temples of the Orient, to the Ruins of Ancient Greece… the world is yours for the taking and its secrets are yours for the knowing…

Dangers are everywhere as you encounter these breathtaking wonders… but so are the rewards. Lethal Weapons, Priceless Relics, and Enchanted Artifacts will help you survive each frantic step. You may face a gruesome monstrosity that will push you to the brink of death, however upon defeating that monster, you will feel re-invigorated to reach out for that Artifact of Immense power and press on facing all that The Tomb can throw at you. Tomb Cards send orders to lurking monsters to move and attack, spawn anew, apply mystical effects, and progress the Three-Tailed Comet … foretold by the ancients… whose end shall awaken and unleash the primordial evil… and if you’re not ready to face it… you and your team will be Devoured as it ventures outward to decimate the world.

The Components

With the main Cooperative Story Mode and 2 Competitive Modes of Play, many unique Adventurers to choose from, over 50 unique and detailed room tiles, over two hundred tokens, and over three hundred cards, Secrets of the Lost Tomb offers an Ever-Evolving, EPIC, Tomb-Crawling adventure every time you play.

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Flash Point: Fire Rescue (2d6 exclusive content)



Designer:             Kevin Lanzing

Publisher:            Indie Boards and Cards (2011)


In 1985 Dave Mustaine released “Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good!” in a drunken, hate filled rage which served as his vendetta fueled fist down the throat of the four bay area thrashers better known as Metallica.  While Mustaine’s Megadeth would rally a devout following and produce some fucking amazing material, they never quite equaled his former band in the realm of popular opinion.  The two were inextricably linked and no one could mention one without unjustly comparing it to the other.



Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield, titans among men.


In a sea of gamers, you will undoubtedly find a hell of a lot more geeks donning Pandemic patches upon their denim jackets than proudly displaying a Flash Point logo.  Even the venerable Zee Garcia, the bald connoisseur of coops, hangs his head in exasperation when Tom Vasel mentions how much fun it is storming through a house engulfed in fiery inferno and rescuing the elderly and stray cats.  This game is overlooked and under-represented in gaming circles as the majority head to its inferior older brother – I’m here to punch you in the gut and grab you by the mullet as the masses are irrevocably wrong.

Flash Point is loaded with more tasty riffs and pounding double-bass in a single game than Pandemic could muster over its lifetime.  Over 45 intense minutes you and a group of friends will work together to navigate a burning maze of corridors and rooms, judiciously spending your limited action points to most efficiently mitigate the maliciously random bursts of fire.  Dousing the flames and limiting the blaze will aid in your objective, but success is ultimately measured in your ability to extricate civilians from their 1200 square foot coffin.


flash point2


While the game offers a softer, foam covered “Family” mode with a simpler ruleset, the advanced game is much more intriguing.  Gameplay opens up when throwing in the various roles each player can occupy as you gain special abilities and fill a niche.  You can unleash hurricane Katrina from your hose with the Driver, sprint through the house like a Kenyan as the Rescue Specialist, or move other players around like wooden pawns on a molten chess board with the Fire Captain.  Each of the included 12 roles may be swapped during the game allowing players to gain new specialties and focus in response to the evolving situation at ground zero.  This ability to swap special powers is excellent and really allows for strong variety and a bit of dynamism not present in the mighty Pandemic.

The difficulty of Flash Point is mainly found in the chaotic ground-swell of unpredictability lighting up the board.  The fire appears and spreads in manic fits one moment while drawing to a slower flow of gentle cinders the next.  One wouldn’t think listening to a minute of frenzied punk followed by a painful extended ballad would work so well but it absolutely does.  The pace and flow is perfect as you’re sampled the occasional breather amid the storm but can never quite count on it.  This process of fire generated via dice rolling makes for a sense of intensity and unpredictability not seen in its more popular sibling.  You get much less of that mathy logic puzzle and more of an alcohol fueled jog through a mine field.



The role cards feature excellent, distinctive artwork.


What is so goddamn fun about a game focused on the chaotic spread of fiery death are the difficult decisions that pop up on a continuing basis.  You will often find yourself at one end of the house blanketing flames before they tear down the infrastructure of the building, when a new burst will ignite at the other end.  The problem is that you were already headed towards Jim, the aloof home owner sheltered in the bathroom, but now Sally, his fight-or-flight-lacking wife, is adjacent to a wall of fire.  With only a limited number of action points each turn you have to coordinate with your teammates and perpetually perform triage.  Fire can spread much more rapidly than solutions so you can never quite perfectly think out the answer and prepare for each possible outcome.  You will need to decide quickly who you can and cannot save, and although the furry little victims will draw some smiles due to their cuteness, do yourselves a favor and leave them to their ashen grave (you can thank me later).

While this game may not be fawned over as much as it should, it has reached a credible level of success that is wholly impressive.  The game is currently sold at Barnes and Noble and has moved enough copies to justify several expansions.  The follow-up content focuses on variety, adding a deathtrap of a skyscraper as well as 2 story buildings and the associated rules for using ladders.  The solidly performing Structural Engineer role can also be found in the Urban Structures expansion and I positively recommend you throw this into your next large game haul.  Indie Boards and Cards have shown an overt commitment to publishing a plethora of additional content over the next few years with the most recent kickstarter currently in transit.  I also would be remiss without mentioning the absolutely fantastic print ‘n play Ladder 11 expansion which completely turns the game on its head by offering a campaign mode and continuing play focused on growing your firefighter (OK, so I may be biased but I only speak in truth).

Flash Point: Fire Rescue may not be the most innovative design to grace your table, but it may just be the most fun jammed into a coop game.  Depth and accessibility make for a deadly mixture that will deliver fist-pumping goodness every time.  Toss the ‘demic in the trash and exchange your petri dish for an oxygen tank; “The Black Album” has nothing on “Rust In Peace”.

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Critical Review – Zombicide



“It’s like a B-Movie!” – Tim Norris, Grey Elephant Gaming

That was one of the funniest, and yet appropriate ways, I’ve heard Zombicide described to me going into this Critical Review.  I unfortunately was under a gigantic boulder of a rock last year and didn’t pledge into the Zombicide Kickstarter from Cool Mini or Not andGuillotine Games.  However, have no fear, as our Friendly Local Game Store, Dragon’s Lair in Austin, has provided us a copy of the base game to provide a review for you, the Critical Fans!

Zombicide is everything you can imagine, just by looking at the cover.  It’s filled with zombie minis, a handful of unique, quirky survivors, and a lot of weapons to destroy, kill, and maim said zombies.  While not quite Last Night on Earth, this game is slowly carving its own place in the zombie world like a machete through undead brains… but is it fun? Let’s gear up and check it out!

Critical Review – Zombicide

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