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Raid on Cygnosa Review

Raid on

The storyline revolves around a villain known as the Ochre Mask who wreaked havoc on the Upland Nations a decade previously. Although a party was sent to eliminate him, he managed to disappear without a trace. Now rumours suggest he is back and the player character(s) must find him and stop him before he plunges the region into yet another war.

A solitaire fantasy adventure for The Fantasy Trip, includes map and countersheet as well as rules and adventure paragraphs, Also suitable for up to four players.

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Legends of Time and Space: At Empire’s End Review

Installment 4 in the Legends of Time and Space

From the back of the module:

Growing up on the periphery is not easy. It’s a tough life, and to survive, to have to know how to deal with ruffians, swindlers and thieves.

Empire's End

For excitement, and to pay the rent, you make your living as a bounty-hunter. The risks are great but the payoff can be tremendous.

Your quarry this time is a dangerous pirate, armed and ruthless. Initially, his ventures were an irritation to the locals. But as his greed and daring grew, he garnered the watchful eye of the meagerly-equipped local authorities.

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to capture “The Duke” and bring him to justice. But you must hurry. The provisional government is weak, and with each of “The Duke”‘s raids, society falls further into chaos.

You must find “The Duke” and neutralize him before it is too late.

This easy-to-play adventure is designed for solitaire or group play, and is suitable for one to four players, ages 12 and up. This complete game includes the adventure booklet, rules, pieces and game board.

The player creates one or more characters from the rules, equips them with items they purchase and sends them adventuring by using a paragraph reference system, much like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” type of game. The player resolves encounters with die rolls and updates his character’s status to reflect damage, victories, records key words, and attempts to complete the mission.

Counters and a map provided with the module, aid in visualizing the relation between character(s) and encounters with animals, bandits, stray robots, drunken gods and what have you.

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The Island of Lost Spells (Video Review)

Lost spells

In ancient times, there was a school of magic on the Island of Lost Spells. The books that remain in underground vaults are invaluable, and their knowledge will yield keys to the secrets of the realm.

The Island of Lost Spells is a programmed adventure using Dark City Games Legends of the Ancient World rule set. These rules provide gameplay very similar to that of Melee and Wizard from Metagaming. This adventure is compatible with those games as well.

Battles are fought with counters on a hex map that is included with the game.

This series of games can be played one of three ways: Game Mastered, “semi-solitaire” (group play with no GM), and solitaire.

Check out this game and others like it!

~ Dark City Games

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Shadows in the Dark (A Video Review)



Shadows in the Dark is a pre-programmed, paragraph-based adventure in the Legends of the Ancient World series by Dark City Games. The game includes an adventure book (which contains the story and the rules), game counters, and a map used to resolve combat. Players create and customize their characters, follow the adventure making decisions that will influence the course of the story, and use map and game counters to resolve combat against the enemies that will be encountered along the way. The game can be played by a single player, as a choose-your-adventure book with a more tactical combat system behind, or by a group of up to 4 players working together in an RPG experience.

At the rim of the explored world lies a volitile land known as The Frontier. Horrific beasts born of nightmare appear out of thin air, devouring any living thing in their path. The weather and landscape too, are capricious and unpredictable. A scalding day may be replaced in a matter of moments by a raging blizzard. Where there was a verdant forest a day ago, now may be a vast desert. Now you are tasked to recover a stolen idol, a trinket, seemingly of minimum value. But Saleeb, the merchant prince, wants it back and is willing to pay a hefty fee. The only problem is that the trail of the idol goes deep into the uncharted regions of the frontier.

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Blood and Dust (A Video Review)


It is 1856, in the far reaches of Kansas Territory, at the base of the Rocky Mountains.
Weeks ago, military authorities at (the new) Fort Bent sent out a small party of six cavalry soldiers to punish raiders for stealing sheep, kidnapping women and children, and murdering men from American settlements. But it’s been too long, and the cavalry soldiers have not returned. It is your job to find them, or at least find out what happened to them.

Your first stop is the Smith settlement, one of the victims of the raiders. There you will meet Mrs. Smith and her four children and garner whatever information available.

It is now October 15, and by November 30th, you must be passing back southward through the Smith settlement to escape the raging blizzards of winter. It has already snowed in the highest mountain passes, and travel may soon be curtailed, if not shut down completely. You must move quickly, before it is too late.

~ Dark City Games, Inc.

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