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[25 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
Happy Dungeon Master Appreciation Month from Wizards of the Coast!

February is Dungeon Master Appreciation Month and to celebrate Wizards of the Coast has released the Dungeon Masters Support Group video series! In this three-part series, DMs can find the innovation, inspiration, and flexibility they need to get their games back under control.

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[25 Jan 2014 | No Comment | ]
Largest D&D Multiplatform Launch To-Date: Tyranny of Dragons

Wizards of the Coast charges into the biggest and most exciting year in Dungeons & Dragons history with Tyranny of Dragons! This action-packed storyline starts this summer and will fuel Dungeons & Dragons entertainment experiences that will have players reeling with anticipation as they prepare to take on the most villainous dragon of all time.
Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:
§  The Legacy of Tiamat Continues…  
Starting this summer, fans will be immersed in the Tyranny of Dragons, coming face-to-face with hordes of evil dragons and, for the first time …

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[10 Jan 2014 | No Comment | ]
The Reaver: New book by D&D Author Richard Lee Byers – Book 4 In The Sundering Series

Famed Dungeons & Dragons author Richard Lee Byers continues the reshaping of the Forgotten Realms with his newest book – The Reaver, available February 4th, 2014.
In this fourth book of the multi-author Sundering series, Richard Lee Byers introduces a new character to D&D fan fiction: Anton Marivaldi , who has an insatiable thirst for bounty and a moral compass that always leads him toward the evil he’s never tried.
Endless, pounding rain afflict the Sea of Fallen Stars and the coastal regions surrounding it. Harvests are failing, travel and trade …

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[25 May 2013 | No Comment | ]
D&D: 2nd Edition AD&D Core Rulebooks – Premium Reprints Released!


D&D: 2nd Edition AD&D Core Rulebooks – Premium Reprints Released!
For many gamers, the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks were their introduction to the role-playing game hobby.  Now players can celebrate those dungeon-storming campaigns with this set of special premium editions released by Wizards of the Coast today. The AD&D 2nd Edition Player’s Handbook, Monstrous Manual and Dungeon Master Handbook (each sold separately) contain all of the original content and art that fans will remember, but each rulebook has a new cover design to commemorate the reprint.
The …

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[24 May 2013 | No Comment | ]
D&D: 1st Ever Mobile Game Announced!


Soon there’s going to be a whole new way to play D&D!  Announced today, Wizards of the Coast has partnered with DeNA, a global leader in mobile games, to create Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War, the first ever Dungeons & Dragons mobile game.
Arena of War puts players in the Forgotten Realms for a battle roleplaying game that combines questing, character leveling, and small team collaboration with the most engaging mobile game mechanics on the market, such as in-game events and massive multiplayer competitions.  The game is being developed …

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[11 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]
D&D Encounters: New Season Returns to Neverwinter!

Wizards of the Coast announces the next season of D&D Encounters – and a D&D first! Returning to the famed city of Neverwinter, the Storm Over Neverwinter season begins today and runs through June 5.
For the first time ever, D&D Encounters features higher level starting play! Players can begin this season at 4th level and use any official 4th Edition materials to create their character. Players also have the option to play through Storm Over Neverwinter as either a D&D 4th Edition adventure or as part of the D&D Next …

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[11 Mar 2013 | No Comment | ]
D&D Lair Assault: Into The Pit of Madness (thru 5/31!)

Get ready to kick down some dungeon doors and conquer the vilest enemies in the newest D&D Lair Assault challenge, Into the Pit of Madness, at participating hobby shops across the country through May 31!  A Wizards Play Network in-store program, D&D Lair Assault: Into the Pit of Madness pits tactically-minded players against an ultimate challenge where strategy and adaptability (and little luck) is the difference between victory and defeat!
Into the Pit of Madness transports you deep into the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, where mad cultists have sounded the Wailer …

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[26 Oct 2012 | No Comment | ]
D&D Encounters: New season: War of Everlasting Darkness!

This week marked the start of the newest D&D Encounters season, War of Everlasting Darkness, at participating Wizards Play Network stores across the country!  Running through December 19, War of Everlasting Darkness  is the final D&D Encounters season in the Rise of the Underdark storyline, and it’s sure to be epic!

Deep in the darkness of the Demonweb Pits, Lolth has been spinning a web of deceit, treachery and ambition, but the time has come to fight back against her Darkening! Her goal – to seize control of arcane magic, a …

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[18 Oct 2012 | No Comment | ]
Dungeon! Board Game and Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster’s Forgotten Realms Released!

Press Release:
A classic board game of dungeon exploration returns! Dungeon! is an exciting, fast-paced fantasy board game where you and your friends can decide which way to go in the hunt for bigger and better treasure. Play a Fighter, a Rogue, a Cleric or a Wizard searching for lost treasure in a dungeon filled with monsters. Along the way, you’ll have to face off against such iconic monsters as the Black Pudding, the Drow and even the Owlbear! Only your magic, your weapons and your wits can protect you!
Dungeon! plays …

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[17 Jun 2012 | 30 Comments | ]
20 Questions With… Wizards of the Coast! A News Segment Where You Ask The Questions!

2D6.org strives to be your source for board game and RPG information and I can think of no better company to discuss both hobbies than the grandfather of the RPG industry Wizards of the Coast!