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[8 Sep 2014 | No Comment | ]
Kingsport Festival Review

Kingsport Festival, a game of bizarre cults set in the terrifying world of Howard Philips Lovecraft, lasts 12 rounds, each divided into six phases.

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[28 Jun 2014 | No Comment | ]
Camp Grizzly Review

Camp Grizzly is a semi-cooperative survival horror board game for 1-6 players.

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[7 Jun 2014 | One Comment | ]
Dark Darker Darkest Review

Dark Darker Darkest is an intense cooperative survival horror game in which a team of urban survivors try to fight the darkness in an unsettling location: the house of Doctor Mortimer, which holds the antidote to a virus turning the world into an army of undead.

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[27 May 2014 | No Comment | ]
Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews Presents – Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror is a cooperative adventure game themed around H.P Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

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[4 May 2014 | No Comment | ]
Transylvania: Curses & Traitors Review

Transylvania: Curses & Traitors is a heavily themed adventure and exploration game utilizing a modular board, variable player powers, hand management, and dice rolling.

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[14 Apr 2014 | No Comment | ]
The Gentleman Gamer: Dead of Night RPG Review

In Dead of Night players take on the roles of characters within a horror movie – the screaming victims, the fearless monster hunters and sometimes even the slavering monsters themselves.

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[11 Feb 2014 | No Comment | ]
The Doom That Came To Atlantic City Review

You’re one of the Great Old Ones – beings of ancient and eldritch power. Cosmic forces have held you at bay for untold aeons, but at last the stars are right and your maniacal cult has called you to this benighted place.

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[15 Nov 2013 | No Comment | ]
The Amityville Project: Phobos ( Video Review)

Phobos is a Horror, Fast Paced game with 80 Highly detailed Miniatures for 2-4 players and is the first part of the Amityville Project. Two more games will follow: The Amityville Project: Lethargos which is a Cooperative, Horror, Miniature game for 3-6 players and final Erevos a Miniature “Wargame” played in the real world and in the dream world and there the story comes to an end and the characters of the story face the Syndicate and all of its members who started the Amityville Project.

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[21 Oct 2013 | No Comment | ]
Rapture: The End of Days by Storyweaver Games (Video Review)

Rapture: The End of Days is a SciFi horror Tabletop RPG from Storyweaver Games. It takes place after the Earth is consumed by the forces of Hell, leaving the only human beings alive explorers who have traveled into space. There are many factions of our kind left, and infighting is a constant trouble – but something far more devastatingly evil lurks around every corner.

Rapture is a rules light RPG where each player will narrate the events of a challenge depending on dice rolled to determine success vs failure. What truly …

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[14 Jul 2013 | No Comment | ]
Ancient Terrible Things (Video Review)

In Ancient Terrible Things, you play the role of an intrepid adventurer, exploring a dark jungle river.
Each turn you must travel to a Fateful Location, face an Ominous Encounter and attempt to unlock its Ancient Secrets.
If you succeed (using a combination of dice, tokens and cards), you add the Secrets to your score. If you fail, you unleash a TerribleThing, which counts against your score at the end of the game.
The object of the game is to be the player with the most Ancient Secrets when the game ends at the Unspeakable Event.