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Into the Bastards! (Video Review)

Into the Bastards!

April 1918 – The German Michael offensive, launched in Picardy, is peaking. Reaching the gates of Amiens, the Kaiser’s troops threaten to definitively breakthrough the Allied Lines.
On 24 April, the Germans captured the last defensive bastion in front of Amiens, the village of Villers-Bretonneux, during a battle that featured the first engagement between tanks. But that same night, Australian soldiers entered the line and prepared to repulse the enemy in an intense night attack. Their objective was as simple and terrible as their war cry: “Into the Bastards!”

Into the Bastards! – First tank battle is a low complexity game recreating this battle, from the initial German offensive to the Australian counter-attack.
Each player has elite troops at his command, represented at battalion scale: the German Guard Division, the french Morroccan Division, an Australian Brigade, and, of course, British and German tanks.

~ May 2011 in Battles Magazine #6.

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La Berezina 1812 (A Video Review)

La Bérézina 1812

The Berezina 1812 focus on the batlles fought by the remnants of Napoleon “Grande Armée” against several Russian armies, in order to cross Berezina river between Borissov and Velesovo, at Stoudenka.

The Berezina 1812 is the 35th battle of the Jours de Gloire series.

Napoléon, Ney, Oudinot and Victor are at the head of the French. Tchitchagov, Wittgenstein, Ermolov, Lambert and Phalen are the mains Russians leaders.

The French player has to build bridge and cross the river under the pressure of the Russian player.

The game features special rules around “trainards” (stragglers) and building bridges. The game includes 5 one day scenarios and 1 two days secanrio, from November 21 to November 29 1812.

~ Canons en Carton


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Blood on the Alma (A Video Review)

Scheduled for Line of Fire magazine # 13, “Blood on the Alma” is a 2-3 player game recreating the 1854 Battle of the Alma River at the brigade level. Each unit is represented by a stack of step counters that modifies attack strength. Each army plays differently– the French have a more traditional sequence of play, their allies the British are activated by chit pull, and the outnumbered Russians must contend with morale checks while dealing with phases that are scattered throughout allied phases. The Russians have a terrain advantage which they historically squandered; the allies possessed a technological advantage in the Minie Rifle, but due to poor communication, it was not used by the British until late in the battle, when it turned the tide decisively. Combat is resolved by comparing modifiers to defense rolls, and the type of attacking unit determines the available outcomes. A number of factors, including victory for each side, are tied to and fluctuate with a single track, creating a sense of momentum and narrative.

~ Lock N’ Load Games

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Panzer Expansion 1: The Shape of Battle (A video Review)


This first expansion set for Panzer includes detailed TO&Es for the German and Soviet forces covering the entire war period from 1940 through 1945. It also includes a focus on what many consider to be the most intense tank battle in history, Kursk, with OBs for both forces and TO&Es for four of the most notable German divisions at the moment they saw action during that historic conflict Grossdeutschland Panzer Grenadier Division, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd SS Panzer Grenadier Divisions.

This first expansion set also includes the first four double-sided geomorphic mapboards. With them, players can recreate any number of tactical battles reminiscent of those actions fought out of the seemingly endless steppes of Russia.

176 – double-sided 7/8” (2 sheets)
Map Panels:
4 – 10” x 27.75” double-sided geomorphic maps [panels 1-8]
Data Cards 5” x 4”:
German: 26 double-sided
Soviet: 12 double-sided

Booklets 8 ½” x 11”:
Scenario Book – 24 pages
TO&E Books – 72 pages


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Panzer (A Video Review of the Basic Game)

Game system designed for small unit actions from platoon to battalion-sized formations:

  • Vehicles, towed guns and aircraft are scaled at 1:1 with each 7/8” double-sided counter representing a single unit
  • The 5/8″ double-sided leg unit counters are scaled at squads, half-squads and sections, including their attached weapons
  • Ground scale is 100 meters per hex
  • Comprehensive yet quick to play
  • Basic set includes a 22″ x 34″ mapboard
  • Full color illustrated manual with various player aids and reference cards
  • Modular rules system with Basic, Advanced and Optional rules section. Players may keep it simple or as complex as desired.

Includes rules for:

  • Vehicle include 11 unique hit locations, armor angles and penetration charts for level, rising and falling fire
  • Various ammunition type, e.g., AP, HVAP, APCR, HEAT, HE
  • Sighting Effects
  • Overwatch fire
  • Rate-of-fire
  • Indirect fire, both on gameboard and off gameboard

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