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[22 Sep 2014 | No Comment | ]
Another Damn Civilization Game

4th game of the spielbox Wallace Edition.

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[30 Jun 2014 | No Comment | ]
Rise of Empires

Euro-style civilization game.

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[12 Oct 2013 | No Comment | ]
Automobile (Video Review)

Automobile is a 3-5 player game that bears a modern setting when compared to most of Wallace’s releases. Players are competing in the U.S. auto industry in the early 20th century, purchasing factories that turn out low-, medium- and high-valued vehicles, starting with the 1893 Duryea and moving through history from there.

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[23 May 2013 | One Comment | ]
Clash of Wills (Video Review)

It is near dawn on April 6th, 1862. The first major clash of arms in the western theater of the American Civil War is about to commence!
In Clash of Wills: Shiloh 1862, you and your opponent each control one of the opposing armies. As the Confederate player, you open the battle with a devastating surprise attack on the Union camps around Shiloh church. If you can route the disorganized blue coats and take Pittsburg Landing before reinforcements arrives, you can deal a potentially fatal blow to the invading Yankees. As …

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[17 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]
“A Study in Emerald” A new Martin Wallace Game!

At the beginning of the game you are assigned a secret identity, which will either be that of a Restorationist or a Loyalist. Your identity matters as it determines what you need to do to achieve victory.

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[24 Jan 2013 | No Comment | ]
Tree Frog will release “The Witches” a sequel to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

Treefrog is proud to announce that September 2013 will see the release of The Witches, the second Treefrog Discworld game, based on the novels of Sir Terry Pratchett.

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[4 Oct 2012 | No Comment | ]
Age of Steam (Video Review)

Age of Steam relives the era when pioneering U.S. railroads built the tracks that transformed America’s economy.

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[26 Aug 2012 | 6 Comments | ]
Aeroplanes (Video Review)

The game defies a script.

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[25 Jul 2012 | 3 Comments | ]
The Long View: Brass

The Long View

In this episode of The Long View, we take a closer look at the game Brass with Justin Nordstrom and Jesse Dean. We try to answer what makes this game so different and unique from other economic games, and try to answer the question, “What makes a Wallace, a Wallace?”
Thanks to 2d6.org for hosting, and thank you for listening!
~ Geof Gambill
The Long View: Brass

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[22 Jul 2012 | No Comment | ]
Struggle of Empires (Review & Play Through)

Martin Wallace’s take on the 18th Century, including colonization, power politics, and warfare – all done up with euro-like mechanisms.