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All is Lost Save Honour



(from Europa Simulazioni)

All is lost save Honour is a game about the campaigns fought during the Italian Wars (1494-1530), mainly between the Hapsburgs (the Empire) and the Valois (the French kingdom). This first volume is dedicated to the campaigns between Agnadello (1509) and Pavia (1525).
We had to make a selection of all those campaigns fought in Italy during the Italian Wars. The five campaigns we have included are:
– Agnadello 1509, Venice defends its Republic against her foes.
– Novara 1513, the Swiss against the French army. The last triumph of the Swiss.
– Marignano 1515, Franois I grabs the Duchy of Milan from the Swiss
– Bicocca 1522, the French lose the Duchy of Milan
– Pavia 1525, Franois I loses the largest battle and Milan to the Empire

This is the time of charges of cavalrymen with the finest gliding armours; of the first use of effective firearms and artillery; sieges, mercenary troops, treachery, pillaging and all that chrome that may enlighten a wargame.

* new game system, operational-level, devoted to warfare in the XVIth century campaigns
* highly interactive sequence of play, focused on manoeuvre and careful planning
* various forms of combat: Major battles,Skirmishes, Sieges
* set of Exclusive Rules and specific rules and events for each campaign
* a 22″ x 34″ fine-art map , reproducing a part of XVIth northern Italy, based on an accurate study of ancient maps and sources
* gorgeous iconic counters representing all the main Capitani who fought there and the different combat units
* detailed (as it is possible) order of battle, with combat units differentiated by strength, maximum movement, quality and reliability
* very low counter density and limited play time




Venice at Bay

Last Triumph of the Swiss

Francois’ First Time:

France Loses the Duchy:

The Struggle for the Duchy:



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The Tide at Sunrise

(from Multi-Man Publishing web site:)

Tide at Sunrise continues the philosophy that began with A Victory Lost. Using tried and true mechanics but with some major twists, Tide at Sunrise will be a major test of player skill that is rarely seen in the wargaming hobby. Here, the base system is little more than the tried and true game from SPI called Napoleon at Waterloo. But not all is at it seems.



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Bloodtree Rebellion

Lynn Willis’ innovative counter-insurgency SF design. Game covers a rebellion intent on
preventing the transport of food materials to a major exploitation port. Single-blind, weird
and difficult terrain, political struggle over the cities and populations, and other elements
factor in to make this a truly unique game – and quite possibly an inspiration to later COIN



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