Richard H. Berg


The Crusades

A strategic level hex-wargame treatment of the 1st and 3rd Crusades, 1096-1099 and 1190-1192 respectively. The rules for each Crusade share the same basic mechanics however the 3rd Crusade scenario is designed as a two-player only game, while the 1st Crusade scenario is intended for multi-player play, and has additional rules covering diplomatic and economic elements.


Conquistador (Video Review)

Play one of four European powers in a bid to make your riches in the New World. Originally published by SPI in Strategy & Tactics magazine #58, a new version with a mounted board was published by AH.

This a one to four player game. The green counters are the Spanish, yellow counters are the Portuguese, red counters are the English, and the blue counters are the French.