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History of the Roman Empire




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History of the Roman Empire covers the time-period from the Rise to the Fall of the Roman Empire in seven game turns starting in 60 BC (the first Triumvirate composed of Caesar, Crassus and Pompeus) until the last Emperor (Romulus Augustus) in 476 AD.

The map contains the entire Mediterranean area as well as a part of Asia Minor.
Each of the up to four Players takes the role of one Roman Faction and one group of “Barbarian”-Peoples and by playing certain event cards you can gain control over minor Kingdoms.

The game is best suited for 4 Players but can be played by 3 or 2 Players as well.

Since every Player controls a Roman Faction and a “Barbarian” People it is not possible to completely remove a Player from the Game (The Roman Faction that Player controls can be eliminated but the Barbarians can not).
The Game “History of the Roman Empire” is not strictly historic but offers “a great lot of Flavour about this” with it’s 42 Roman Emperors (and Pretenders) and the 34 different “Barbarian” Peoples and minor Kingdoms. Since every Player controls Romans as well as Barbarians you will get all kinds of situations like Romans vs. Barbarians Romans fighting among themselves or Barbarians fighting other Barbarians.

The Emperor for each Roman Faction changes every Game Turn as well as the Barbarian Peoples that the Players control…

With it’s easy to learn rules (Players who are familiar with “Espania”, “Britannia” or “History of the World” will find some similarities and some new features) and the constantly changing Barbarians “The History of the Roman Empire” can be great fun.

The Players will have to decide how to use their Roman Legions as well as how to use the Armies of their Barbarians and of course where to plan new Cities and Forts (for the Roman Factions). Since it is worth much more Victory Points to control all areas of one colour soon everyone will try to establish his own small empire (and of course to disturb the others), until the more powerful Barbarians like the Goths or the Huns arrive and threaten to take control of the map. Each turn the Roman Factions spend some of their Victory Points on new Legions and/or Forts or Fortresses, the Barbarians do not use their Victory Points for recruiting Units but rather “mobilize” up to a certain number of Armies (how many units depends on the Barbarian People). Every game will present you with new Situations since the Players will work on and change their strategies and the 45 random cards will influence every game in a unique way…

At the end of the seventh turn, the players total their victory points and determine the winner.
Will the Roman Empire rise to Glory or will it be crushed by the Barbarians…

It’s up to YOU…






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The End of the Triumvirate (Video Review)



Players take on the role of one of three leaders in ancient Rome: Caesar, Pompeius, or Crassus. Each is seeking to dominate the others by various means. You could try a military victory by creating a massive land block… or perhaps a political victory by being elected as Consul twice… or perhaps you can win by sheer skill by raising your talents… Either way, a maximum of three players can participate in this sophomore release by Lookout games.

The turn play consist of 3 phases:
1: Supply phase – Each province supply gold or legion (based on the type of province)
2: Move Phase – The player move his Character to collect gold and move his Legions through out his province or invade province of his opponents
3: Action phase – can be used to do number of actions such as Persuade citizens, produce weapons or increase military or olitical competence.
The player turn end by moving the calendar stone one step down the track.

The game can be won by three different ways and ends immediately if one of the conditions is achieved:
Political victory: The player collects 6 citizens in his forum
Military Victory: The player conquers his 9th Province
Competence Victory: A player reaches VII on both Competence

~ Z Man Games








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Pax Romana




PAX ROMANA covers Europe from 300 BC through the end of the 1st century BC, when control of the Mediterranean was in a state of flux with four empires possible. The emphasis is on strategic operations, from raising armies to colonizing outlying areas, to fighting barbarian incursions, to maintaining political stability at home.
PAX uses a unique marker-oriented play sequence that provides surprise and opportunity, plus a deck of unusual cards that provide the historical background of events and calamities within which the players must operate.

PAX provides wide variety of scenarios, from fast-playing, one-sitting two-player games to vivid recreations of the entire era with four players. The game works well with 2, 3 or 4 players, and is designed to be playable solitaire for those interested in the historical view it provides. Scenarios range from The Punic Wars, through the Eastern Med conflicts between the Greeks and the Seleucids, all the way up to the entire 10 turn game, covering 300 years of history. In addition, there are two versions of PAX: the Standard Game, designed for fast play, and the Advanced version, which adds in much tangential history and allows for a more introspective examination of the era.

PAX ROMANA includes one gamemap, 55 cards, 400+ counters, and a host of play aids and charts to keep things organized.














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