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GURPS 4th Edition Basic Set – Characters & Campaigns (Video RPG Review)

In which the Gentleman Gamer reviews the GURPS Fourth Edition Basic Set by Steve Jackson Games. The Basic Set comprises of two books; Characters and Campaigns, and while one is ostensibly a player’s guide and the other a book for the GM, both are excellent resources and well worth the price of admission.

GURPS has been the premiere universal roleplaying game for almost two decades. The current Fourth Edition makes it even better!

With GURPS, you can be anyone you want – an elf hero fighting for the forces of good, a shadowy femme fatale on a deep-cover mission, a futuristic swashbuckler carving up foes with a force sword in his hand and a beautiful woman by his side . . . or literally anything else!

GURPS Basic Set: Characters combines material from the Third Edition GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Compendium I, plus hundreds of new and updated rules! This 336-page, full-color hardcover contains everything you need to create and play a GURPS Fourth Edition character.

336 pages. Hardcover. * Suggested Retail Price $39.95
Stock number 01-0001 * ISBN 1-55634-729-4

GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns combines information from the Third Edition GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Compendium II – plus the new core setting, with infinite possibilities for timeline-hopping adventure! (You don’t have to play in the core setting – there isn’t some game-altering metaplot – but it’s there if you want it.) This 240-page, full-color PDF contains everything a GM needs to create and run a GURPS Fourth Edition campaign.

240 pages. Hardcover. * Suggested Retail Price $34.95
Stock number 01-0002 * ISBN 978-1-55634-730-6

Written by Steve JacksonSean Punch, and David L. Pulver
Edited by Andrew Hackard and Steve Jackson

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Undead – a quick hit


 This is an attempt to recreate the legendary battles of Van Helsing and the vampire hunters against Dracula, in Victorian London. The game is based on the books, not on the movies, so many things are different to what Vampire-fans are used to (Dracula CAN move during the day for example, although it tires him). The game takes two forms: a two player game and a simplified roleplaying game. A game master is helpful, but optional.

~ Steve Jackson Games

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Light and Fast Fillers Games (Video Review)


This week we’re doing a special on board game fillers. All of these games are quick, fun and easy to learn and play; so we figured we’d do a single large review rather than multiple small reviews. The games are: Zombie Dice, Martian Dice, Cthulhu Dice, Spot It! and We Didn’t Playtest this at All.


Zombie Dice 


Eat brains. Don’t get shotgunned.

You are a zombie. You want braaains. More brains than any of your zombie buddies.

Zombie Dice is fast and easy for any zombie fan to learn, even non-gamers. The 13 custom dice are your victims. Push your luck to eat their brains, but stop rolling before the shotgun blasts end your turn!

Two or more can play. Each game takes 10 to 20 minutes, and can be taught in a single round.

~ Steve Jackson Games




Martian Dice 

Your mission, Martians, is to swoop down on the pathetic denizens of the primitive planet Earth and scoop up as many of the inhabitants as you can manage. We are interested in samples of the Chicken, Cow, and Human populations so that we can determine which of them is actually in charge. The Earthlings might manage to put up a feeble defense, but surely nothing that a small taste of your Death Rays can’t handle. Make Mars proud – be the first Martian to fill your abduction quota!

In Martian Dice you will roll 13 custom dice in an effort to set aside (“abduct”) Humans, Chickens, and Cows. With each roll you must first set aside any Tanks, representing the human military coming to fend off your alien invasion. Then you may choose one type of die to set aside as well – one of the earthlings to abduct, or Death Rays to combat the military. At the end of your turn, if you have at least as many Death Rays as Tanks, then you may abduct the earthlings you’ve been setting aside. You can’t pick any type of Earthling twice in one turn, but if you manage to abduct at least one of each you’ll score a bonus!

With each roll you will ask yourself, do you feel lucky?

~ Tasty Minstrel Games


Cthulhu Dice

Serving Cthulhu is fun… except for all those other cultists out to get you. So get them first!

Cthulhu Dice lets you drive your rivals mad… very, very quickly. Players take turns rolling the big, beautiful, custom 12-sided die, embossed with tentacles, Elder Signs, and more. Destroy your opponents’ sanity! Better yet, steal it. But watch out for Cthulhu — when he comes up, he takes sanity from everyone! 18 glass Sanity marbles are included. Lose all your marbles and you’re mad. The last sane cultist wins… unless everyone goes mad together. Then Cthulhu wins!

Cthulhu Dice is a “retribution” style game. You steal Sanity points from your rivals, and they do the same back to you. Of course, if someone is in the lead, he’s the obvious target. Unless you’re just carrying a grudge. Keep stealing Sanity (or losing it to Cthulhu) until someone — hopefully you! — is the last player with marbles. If everyone loses their marbles, Cthulhu wins! This one can play in five minutes. In fact, it can play twice in five minutes if Cthulhu gets lucky

Cthulhu Dice plays in 5 to 10 minutes, and is fun for 2 to 6 players.

~ Steve Jackson Games


Spot It!

Spot It! is a simple pattern recognition game in which players try to find an image shown on two cards.

Each card in Spot It! features eight different symbols, with the symbols varying in size from one card to the next. Any two cards have exactly one animal in common. For the basic Spot It! game, reveal one card, then another. Whoever spots the symbol in common on both cards claims the first card, then another card is revealed for players to search, and so on. Whoever has collected the most cards when the 55-card deck runs out wins!

Rules for five different games – each an observation game with a speed element – are included with Spot It!, with the first player to find a match either gaining or getting rid of a card.

~ Asmodee


We Didn’t Playtest this at All

“The most aptly named game ever!

In this exceptionally silly and awesome game, your objective is to win! Simple enough. Sadly, all of your opponents have the same simple goal, and they’re trying to make you lose. Between Rock Paper Scissors battles, being eaten by a random Dragon, or saved by a Kitten Ambush, there are many hazards to avoid.”

~ Asmadi Games






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“Will there be another Car Wars?”


I can’t remember all the countless afternoons of fun playing Steve Jackson’s “Car Wars” in my adolescence. The other day it was hinted that if Steve Jackson’s Kickstarter project Ogre hits $700,000 they would assuredly consider a Car Wars project for next year. In my mind, this is already in the works, and we will see a new cars war project in the near future.  I don’t think they even need to sell another incentive for their already hugely successful and record breaking Kickstarter project. After all, look at all the people that purchased the “I Made Steve Jackson Work on Car Wars” T-shirts. Do you really want to disappoint your fan base with a useless T-shirt if you didn’t plan on going ahead with this project, or mistakenly solely base it on making your Kickstarter goal? How many times have we heard Steve Jackson say he would gladly like to work on another money maker other than Munchkin?

Car Wars was an instant classic when released by Steve Jackson Games in 1981.  I can already think back to the times of covert operations of building my car with a limited budget to come up with something to surprise my enemies. Was the front armor better? Should I invest in my rotating turret with the laser gun? I still remember most games ended when you finally managed to mowed down your opponent’s driver who had just escaped from their burning wreck or crashed into to someone’s vehicle head-on at 100+ miles per hour.

The classic Steve Jackson game series are coming back. The question is what is next after Car Wars, A reworking of Hacker? Maybe a whole new Illuminati ! Old school gaming is returning and we are excited for it!

Steve Jackson’s Ogre Kickstarter Page

Edited* The Kickstarter Goal has been met so it looks like there will be Car Wars sooner then later! Congratulations Steve Jackson for your record breaking Kickstarter!

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