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Turning Point

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Freeman’s Farm and Lundy’s Lane were Turning Points in the American Revolution and the War of 1812 for America in the formation the United States Army.

Using the Battle Manuver system (first seen in Waterloo), this is a low complexity game designed by Richard Berg. It is a full box game.

The Battle Manuver syster game uses cards, one deck for each player (whose cards are somewhat different from those of the other player) to drive the game. Each player gets a certain number of cards each turn – often a different number for each player! – but never his full deck. The cards are used to determine movement, combat, and actions such as Counter-Attack, and Rally, among others. Players may play as many of their cards up to 5 when it’s their turn, using each card for only one of the possible three purposes. Play passes back and forth between players, until both players have used all their cards… and the turn is over.

Turning Point is thus a game of card play and management, which unfolds on the historical battle map – it uses squares, rather than hexes – with the use of some large counters. This is a game of position, feint, and sudden attack with what you hope are better odds (since you don’t know what cards your opponent will play, if any, and you never know what his final strength will be). No dice are used. And there are no CRT’s.

Playing time for each battle is about 2 hours, sometimes less, and the rules are only 8 pages! Balance is excellent, and because of the use of cards and their random distribution each turn, no game is the same as any other. And the game is playable solitaire (with specific rules for doing so).




Freeman’s Farm:

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Frederick’s War (Video Review)


HOLD THE LINE comes to the wars of Europe in the Age of Reason with FREDERICK’S WAR. When Frederick II led his army into Silesia a long duel began between a still fragile Prussia and the first class power that was Austria. Featured here are eight battles from the fearsome contest: Mollwitz, Choutusitz, Hohenfriedburg, Kesseldorf, Kolin, Leuthen, Hochkirk, and Liegnitz. The game closely aligns with the Hold the Line system, but includes more advanced command rules, more detailed cavalry rules, optional rules for each warring nation’s units, and much more.
The Prussian army is well drilled and led by a bevy of talent generals, including Schwerin, Zieten, Leopold von Dessau, and of course Frederick the Great. The Austrian army is slightly weaker, but is aided by fearsome light infantry units and in later scenarios are led by such capable commanders as Daun and Loudon.
As Prussia can you humble the Austrians and make your kingdom a first-class power? As Austria can you weather the Prussian storm and halt the first steps towards decline? The enemy approaches, the sound of cannon deafens, men shout commands, smoke fills the air. You must HOLD THE LINE!

For each scenario each player receives a number of command points to activate the units in his army for movement, close assault, and fire combat. Each side also receives a random number of command points for the same, but never knowing how many creating a battle field chaos that makes the game highly replayable. Scenarios take approximately 1 hour to play so you can get in multiple plays in an evening.

~ Worthington Games

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Blood & Sand (Video Review)


The Campaign for North Africa, 1941-42

What, another North Africa game? Yes but here is something almost completely different from any WWII Campaign game you’ve seen: no CRT (or any other tables), buckets o’ dice, and cards all used in a totally new approach to gaming that can be learned in 5 minutes and played in a few hours.

Most of the rules and mechanics for Blood & Sand will be familiar to anyone who has ever played a wargame. However, Designer Richard Berg, no stranger to this campaign, has added to this accessible simplicity a combat system that rates units for how many dice they get to roll on their behalf, as well as what kind of dice (small arms or Heavy Weapons). No CRTs, no sirree!

The game also uses cards, one deck (of 27) for each player (whose cards are somewhat different from those of the other player) to enhance the game. (The cards don’t “drive” the game and they can be left out, if you’re so inclined.) The cards are part of a Resource system that gives the players a number of points which they can use to buy cards, rally units, build fortifications, or bring in Reinforcements. The RP choices are theirs, but there are far more choices than points.

The cards, themselves, give the players “Opportunities”, from using their (or negating their opponent’s) tank capabilities, to getting more supplies, to special Breakthrough and Reaction movement, to forcing the Allies to Withdraw units, to the effects of Rommel and other leaders.

What the Players are Saying: Here are some the reactions from the Blood & Sand play testers and rules readers:

“Very simple and very easy. No one should have a problem with the rules.” Adam Freitag

“I would hope to use it as an introductory wargame, but I am optimistic that it would be sufficiently interesting to keep experienced wargames happy as well.” Paul Marjoram

“This looks like a fun game The added tension of the need to balance the use of RPs [Resource Points] for units, forts and cards is appealing – a good abstraction of the logistics concerns of the campaign.” Edmund Hack

“Using cards in this manner may make for some very agonizing decisions – a good thing in a game. I also think the combat system is clean and simple, yet effective.” Jeff Paul

The rules for Blood & Sand are only 8 pages, including rules for playing Solitaire, covering four scenarios, ranging in size (the two maps are used only in the full campaign game) and playing time Playing time for the Basic Game has averaged about 3 hours.

~Worthington Games

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Victoria Cross II ( A Video Review)

Victoria Cross II

This is a reprint of Victoria Cross with the battles of Isandlwana, Rorkes Drift, included.

The game that started it all for Worthington Games. Using the Victoria Cross system that was the first game produced by Worthington Games.

Two battles, one great game! The game will include the original Victoria Cross updated with counters, updated rules, and new box. As the British player tries to stem the hordes of Zulu warriors with his trusty Martini-Henry rifle (with a bit of guts behind it!). As the Zulu player can you, through mass and guile, drive the British from your land.

It is up to you to decide!

~  Worthington Games

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Band of Brothers (A Video Review)

Band of Brothers is a fast playing game of squad level combat in WWII. It covers the exploits of the 101st in their battles from D-Day through the Bulge. The rules are very simple (no combat charts are needed) with very few exceptions to remember and yet the game is meant to be all encompassing and will include infantry, tanks, and artillery.

Based on years of research, the game system uses a unique suppression mechanic. There are no longer two unique states for a unit, but varying degrees of suppression. This allows suppression to accumulate from multiple fire sources and means that the unit will not take a morale check until it is asked to do something. You will never know for sure how your units will respond until they are needed.

Although casualties can be caused by artillery and heavy weapons (which makes them prime battlefield targets), squads will never cause significant casualties shooting at range at dug in, first line troops. Their goal is to fire and maneuver. Sections of the enemy force must be pinned down and eliminated from up close. The system itself forces this realistic play. In a similar fashion, the system rewards you for spreading your troops out and other realistic game play.

Another unique feature of the game is its use of Proficiency and Casualty ratings to differentiate squads in areas besides just morale.

The game will come with:
– Ten geomorphic maps
– 7/8″ counters for squads and tanks
– 5/8″ informational counters
– Scenarios (playable in 1 to 1.5 hours)
– Rules
– Play aid
– Dice

The game is intended to be the first in a series. Other games under research are “Ghost Panzer” (the German 11th Panzer Division) and “The Old Breed” (the US 1st Marine Division).

~ Worthington Games

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